Poumista annual report for 2012

2012 was a slow year here. However, I wanted to thank my referrers and look back on a couple of the highlights.

My top referrers were:

  1. rooieravotr Jouwpagina.nl
  2. Tendance Coatesy (especially, although I’m not sure why, this post on Respect antisemitism)
  3. Shiraz Socialist
  4. Entdinglichung
  5. Ούτε Θεός – Ούτε Αφέντης
  6. Newsnet Scotland (thanks to a single comment linking to an amusing picture here)
  7. La Bataille Socialiste
  8. BobFromBrockley
  9. David Osler
  10. Inveresk Street Ingrate
  11. Sketchy Thoughts
  12. Espace contre Ciment
  13. Boffy’s Blog
  14. Normblog
  15. Obliged to Offend
  16. Luxemburger Anarchist
  17. Memex 1.1 (because of a single post with the same amusing picture)
  18. Libcom (from three forum pages: on Marxist websites, on left archives, on Marxism and anarchism)
  19. Pinterest (the same amusing picture)
  20. But I am a Liberal

Thanks comrades! Thanks, of course, to readers and commenters as well, in particular Petey, Mikey and TNC. (Two thirds of my readers were in the US, the UK was the second most visiting country, followed by Spain, France, Canada, Australia, Germany and Italy. I am pleased to note I have a reader in Syria.)

My main referrers, however, by a huge margin were search engines rather than blogs etc. Google images sent me more readers (27,000) than google proper (8000). I think the lesson for bloggers is that image metatext gets google image juice. Non-google search engines lagged way behind. Top search terms were as follows, hyperlinked to the most appropriate material to keep that google juice flowing:

  1. poumista            
  2. spanish civil war   
  3. dirlewanger
  4. carnation revolution
  5. george orwell   
  6. poum   
  7. eileen o’shaughnessy   
  8. partisans             
  9. dirlewanger brigade
  10. leon trotsky death
  11. andres nin
  12. marxist theory
  13. frederick douglass
  14. happy workers day
  15. spanish civil war posters
  16. leon trotsky
  17. spanish revolution
  18. victor serge
  19. vietnam war protest songs
  20. sean matgamna

Most are predictable, but Dirlewanger and the Dirlewanger Brigade were quite a surprise, and Frederick Douglass too. Oskar Dirlewanger was a psychotic paedophile Nazi who fought in the Condor Legion of German fascists in the Spanish Civil War before going on to command his own exceptionally brutal SS brigade on the Eastern front in WWII, specialising in fighting partisans in Poland and Belorus. I have never written about him or his brigade here, so have no idea why it generates search engine traffic.

With only three posts actually written in 2012 featuring (highlighted in bold), the most popular posts (or at least the most visited ones)

  1. Orwell turning in his grave?
  2. On this day, 1945: Eileen O’Shaughnessy died
  3. Music Monday 1: Carnation revolution
  4. The [American] Civil War in 3D
  5. Spanish Revolution and Civil War gallery
  6. Books
  7. Jews versus Stalinists in the Spanish Civil War
  8. Amidah: Defiance
  9. Photography: Sergio Larrain/Lewis Hine
  10. Happy Workers’ Day
  11. On this day: 22 June 1937 – Andres Nin murdered
  12. Uses and abuses: George Orwell and Norman Thomas
  13. From the archive of struggle: student activism in the 1930s
  14. From the archive of struggle no.43
  15. 25 April 1974
  16. Christopher Hitchens and Robert Service talk Trotsky
  17. Vietnam War Protest Songs
  18. Mika Etchebéhère, POUM Militia Captain
  19. From the archive of struggle no.47
  20. Shoot them like partridges

My favourite 2012 posts, however, were:

  1. No Direction Home
  2. Is the conflict in Syria the new Spanish civil war?
  3. Bayard Rustin at 100
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