Syria and the fascism analogy

Three posts on the fascism/anti-fascism analogy and Syria:

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  1. Great Post

  2. Looking at these and related posts, is “Spain the new Syria” 2012. Some strange historical literalism going on there. Spain was a liberation struggle as Syria is now. There were huge cultural divisions focused on the Catholic Church, often bitter competing ideologies on Republican side, authoritarian regimes backing Franco, and politically diverse backers of the republic from reformist socialists to Soviet communists (who created a reign of terror). Most of all a lack of constructive engagement from the ordinary people in the rest of Europe, who were misdirected by fear of WW1, pacifists and political extremists. Spain was lost, with a green light to all the fascists in Europe that they could grab power without resistance, with the help of Germany and Italy, making the fascist Europe dream possible. In a similar way, the impending fall of Syrian Revolution, is a green light that the counter revolution to the Arab Democratic Uprising can use unrestrained force without consequences. Where is this going do you think? ( )

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