Revolutionary Ghosts of Waldheim Cemetery

From Andrea Gibbons, on a Chicago cemetary, a year ago. Some extracts:

Haymarket…back from the time we didn’t have at least the stated standard of an 8 hour day. To win it there was a general strike on May 1st, 1884. On May 3rd, police killed two strikers. On May 4th there was a rally in Haymarket square, a bomb went off, people died. I think it was probably the Pinkertons, but the police arrested 8 anarchists for simply inciting the act and hanged 4 of them. It didn’t help when they were later cleared of all blame…the damage was done, the press had crucified all ideals of justice and so we live in a country that inspired May Day and yet has never celebrated it properly…


One more for Franklin

I think I missed this one:

Franklin Rosemont In Memoriam – 1943-2009 Friends of Franklin

From Area Chicago: Everybody’s Got Money Issues

Previous obituaries: here, here, here.

More Chicago radical local history from Area Chicago No.7 68/08:

Franklin Rosemont, fellow worker, surrealist poet, great American


Franklin Rosemont RIP. Obits from Reading the Maps, Histomatist, IWW, Mike Klonsky, SlackBastard, Samizdat, LibCom, AK, Kate Khatib, Marc Moscato, Patrick Murfin, Pearl Handel.

Image from Literago.

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