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Michael Harrington

July marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Michael Harrington. This post is for him.

IF Stone

Another American radical:

American Radical: The Life and Times 0f I. F. Stone by D. D. Guttenplan, 2009. Reviewed at The Socialist Webzine. Guttenplan talking about it. At HuffPost, talking about Stone and Michael Jackson. Ex-radical Ron Radosh with a different view.

While I’m here, more from Ron Radosh: on Arlo Guthrie, on “progressive Jews”, on the legacy of Stalinism in the US, on Cuba’s American spies.

One day in July

Via Renegade Eye: One day in July, a page made in 2004 to commemorate the 1934 Teamsters’ Strike in Minneapolis. A great site. (more…)

Bad uses of the Spanish Civil War continued

This is a little late, but I just noticed a post at HP linking to a Guardian piece by The Nation’s London correspondent DD Guttenplan, describing his regret at not going to a anti-war demonstration because of all the unsavoury elements on the march. In it, he says:

During the Spanish civil war the American poet Archibald MacLeish was attacked by Trotskyists for his willingness to support a democratically elected Spanish government led by communists, and dependent on the Soviet Union for arms. MacLeish replied:
“The man who refuses to defend his convictions, for fear he may defend them in the wrong company, has no convictions.”

As one commenter, la mano de d10s, responds:

[a democratically elected Spanish government] which brutally massacred many workers and tried to turn back the revolution, yes.
Or because it was democratically elected, therefore it must be politically supported?
And how did this government end, exactly? With the victory of Franco?
Why? Because its politics disarmed the defence against fascism, the working class, and its defence of private property led to huge economic speculation which caused great inflation, which discontented so many of its supporters, that the fascists became more confident and more popular.
This inflation could only have been solved by expropriating those sectors’ property.*

*Liberty taken of improving the grammar slightly.

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