To add to my Michael Wood notes, Histomatist, and through him Tristram Hunt. This Foot quote is great:

‘In my opinion, Marxism is a great creed of human liberation. It is the creed which says that when all other empires fade and vanish, our business is to enlarge the empire of the human mind.’

On a different topic, Histomatist writes:

There is a fair chance readers of this blog will have come across New Left Review, celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year, but how many readers of Histomat know a great deal about the original Left Review, founded by sympathisers of the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1934? Well, for those who are suitably intrigued, let the late great historian of British Communism Brian Pearce be your guide…

Louis Proyect continues his series with a long and fascinating account of the history of the Third International, which one day I will respond to more thoroughly. He uses an important book by Werner Angress as a key source, and then posts about the Ritchie Boys, one of which Angress was (this is the Jewish paratroopers behind Nazi lines in WW2, the real life inglorious basterds I guess).

Been looking at George Scialabba‘s website lately. Lots of interesting stuff. I think I might have linked to some of this already but here’s some recent texts:

I got to Scialabba via Platypus, which is featuring a conversation with him on intellectuals, which touches on Irving Howe, Michael Harrington and other of my reference points. Also featured: Chris Cutrone on Karl Korsch, Joshua Howard on Lukacs and totality, and Uli von Hagen on Rosa Luxemburg.

Two from Coatesy: towards a reassessment of Michel Raptis and Pabloism, and on crusty feudal Tariq Ali’s historical illiteracy when it comes to French secularism.

At Stumbling & Mumbling, Chris Dillow asks: Is it time for a revival of interest in Baran and Sweezy’s Monopoly Capital?

To note, even though I have not yet bothered to read this, Rob Sewell at In Defence of Marxism, another ortho-Trot take-down of Robert Service on Leon Trotsky.

Also: Paul Buhle: Scottish Workers in History. Stefan Collini: New Left Review at 50. Anarcha-feminism in Barcelona on the CNT’s 100th birthday.