Today in 1918: Bavarian Free State

From IISG:

Kurt Eisner flanked by ms Eisner and minister of social affairs Hans Unterleitner (BG A4/537)

In the aftermath of the First World War there was an insurrection in Munich headed by the leader of the Bavarian Unabhängige Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (USPD), Kurt Eisner. Eisner proclaimed the Free State of Bavaria on 8 November 1918. The main political feat of Eisner’s government was to organize elections in January 1919. The USPD was roundly defeated. Eisner was murdered on 21 February 1919 by a rightist radical. A leftist radical government now came to power. This Soviet Republic of Munich existed only about two months.

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Wikipedia: Bavarian Soviet Republic. Two more images from an odd Russian site, Fractal Vortex. The first is where Kurt Eisner was murdered. The second is the Munich Red Flag.

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