Histories of the present: The riots etc

On British social unrest and its antecedents: The “historian” David Starkey has been much in the news in Britain lately for his pronouncements on the riots, but here I turn to other historians, citizen-historians, who draw out some more interesting stories from the past. History is Made at Night on the Sun’s reporting of 1981 and 2011 concludes a fascinating series on the long hot summer of 1981, and at Transpontine on the Deptford Red Flag riots of 1932. SolFed commemorates Liverpool’s 1911 Bloody Sunday. Red Star Commando declares that order prevails. David Osler remembers the Corn Law riots of 1816.

 On other things: A nice article by Dominic Cavendish on the other Orwell, George Orwell as family man. A piece from the Spanish CNT-FAI on the 75th anniversary of the Spanish revolution. Carl Packman’s note on Cuba, the Left and Private Capital. Paul Cotteril Beyond Letwinism and Toynbeeism: the return of the guild. David Osler on Lenin’s tomb (the actual tomb that is, not the blog). Peter Ryley on the stupidity of intellectuals. Criticism etc on the Jacques Camatte unit of the Department of Needed Translations. James Kirchik on anti-fascist veteran Karl Pfeifer. James Bloodworth on the cult of Che Guevara. Andrew Coates on the collapse of the American SWP.

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