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On A Raised Beach: Liberation

This weekend sees the 64th anniversary of the liberation of Paris, 24th August 1944. Most people know that the Allies allowed General Leclerc’s Free French forces to head the entry into the city but not so many know that among them was the ‘9ème compagnie de marche du Tchad’ which was made up of exiled Spanish anarcho-syndicalists who had been interned in France at the end of the Civil War [when, as they struggled across the border, a French officer remarked ‘And this rabble calls itself an army!’ and got the response: ‘We held back the fascists for three years. How long will you last?’] Pictured is one of their half-tracks, ‘Guadalajara’, outside the Hotel de Ville. In spite of driving on into the Third Reich and helping to topple Hitler, they did not see the victorious powers topple Franco, who had perhaps already become ‘their son of a bitch’.

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The CNT in the Spanish Revolution

From Anarchist Writers:

Review of The CNT in the Spanish Revolution by Jose Peirats

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The Meltzer Press should be congratulated on producing Peirats classic history of the CNT. It is a wonderful book and a vital resource on the history and politics of the CNT. While its cost may put people off buying it, all I can say is that it is worth the money. It is a goldmine of useful information and facts, presenting an honest and comprehensive account of the CNT from its founding in 1911 to approximately the end of 1937.[…]

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Viva Orwell y Durutti

But I Am A Liberal: Abraham Lincoln Brigade Memorial Vandalized

A memorial to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in San Francisco has been vandalized by anarchist activists. [Read the rest]
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