From the archive of struggle no.76: Poumism and Shachtmanism

Up to January 2013 now with new additions to the extraordinary Marxist Internet Archive. Obviously, the first thing here is of most interest to me.

La Verite

Added to the archive of the Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista/Workers Party of Marxist Unification a section of the Spanish Revolution History Archive is the complete run of the POUM’s English Language publication edited in Barcelona by American revolutionary socialists Lois and Charles Orr: The Spanish Revolution.

Spanish Revolution was the English language publication of the P.O.U.M. Edited by Lois and Charles Orr. In 1936 they had setup within the ranks of the Socialist Party of America the Revolutionary Policy Committee of the Socialist Party of the U.S. While the P.O.U.M. itself was never Trotskyist, many in the ranks of Trotskyism, and those near it politically, supported the publication.

Russell Blackwell, who was in Spain as a supporter of the P.O.U.M wrote, 30 years later for the Greenwood Reprints of The Spanish Revolution, the following:

Spanish Revolution faithfully reported events during its period of publication from the point of view of the P.O.U.M. Its first issue appeared on October 21, 1936, at a time when the revolutionary process was already beginning to decline. Its final issues dealt with the historic May Days of 1937 and the events immediately following, which led to the Stalinist takeover.

These 28 issues of The Spanish Revolution  were digitized by Marty Goodman of the Riazanov Library Project

They are all digitised as whole pdfs for each issue.

Other stuff:

Added to the Andrés Nin Archive. [Nin was the leader of the POUM.]

Added to the Leon Trotsky Archive. [Texts from early in the break of the Left Opposition from Stalinism and the descent of Spain into Civil War.]

Added to the Max Shachtman Archive [From 1931, when Shachtman was with Cannon in the Left Opposition, to 1941 when he had broken with him.]

Added to the Workers Age archive are the full years for 1934 & 1935Workers Age was the organ of the Communist Party, USA (Opposition), a group lead at various times by Ben Gitlow and Jay Lovestone. Affiliated to the so-called “International Right Opposition” they aligned politically with old Bolshevik N. Bkharin in his fight with Joseph Stalin over the direction of the U.S.S.R. [Thanks to Marty Goodman of the Riazanov Library Project and D. Walters from the Holt Labor Library]

Added to the C.L.R. James Archive. [From 1941, when James was still in Shachtman’s Workers Party.]

Added to the Hal Draper Archive. [Draper was also in the WP in 1941]

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