From the archive of struggle no.44

I have fallen behind on this task, not having done it for about 6 weeks. Below the fold are basically my personal choices from Entdinglichung’s Sozialistika series.


*Ernest Mandel: A Revolultionary Life (2005 documentary film)
*C.L.R. James: West Indian Writer and activist (documentary film)

Sojourner Truth Organization Digital Archive:

* Noel Ignatin: Study Guide to Reconstruction (1978, pdf-Datei)
* Shop leaflets (1969-1980, pdf-Dateien)

Rustbelt Radical:

* Leo Trotzki: At The Coffin Of Franz Schuhmeier (1913)
* Victor Serge: Flame on the Snow (1920/1921)

* August Bebel: Zur Lage der Arbeiter in den Bäckereien (1890)

* The trial of Scott Nearing and the American socialist society (1919) [For more background on this, see Wikipedia on Scott Nearing and the Rand School.]

* Alexander Kahn: Report of the Jewish Alliance: Delivered to the National Convention of the Socialist Party, New York — May 19-22, 1923 (1923)
* Socialist Party of America (SPA): Socialist Party on Poland (192?)
* Socialist Party of America (SPA): Socialist World, Juni 1923

* Communist Party of America (CPA): Manifesto and program. Constitution. Report to the Communist International (1919)* Communist Party of America (CPA): Stenographic report of the “trial” of Louis C. Fraina (1920)
* Communist Party of America (CPA): Manifesto to the workers of America (1922)
* United Communist Party of America (UCPA): Program and constitution of the United Communist Party of America (1921)
* Workers Party of America (WPA): Program and constitution, Workers Party of America, adopted at national convention, New York City, December 24, 25, 26, 1921 (1922)
* Workers Party of America (WPA): Our immediate work : program adopted by the Central Executive Committee of the Workers Party of America (192?)

* Communist Party (Opposition): Why? a labor party (1934)/Independent Communist Labor League (ICLL): Safeguard your unions against disruption! : an appeal to all trade unionists (1937) [This is the American branch of the Right Opposition, the so-called Lovestonites. For more details, see here and scroll down.]

* Leo: German fascism and the workers (1933, Bericht eines KPO-Mitgliedes, März 1933) [This is the German Right Opposition]

* The Spark: theoretical organ of Marxist Workers League. Vol. I, 3 (1938) [Wikipedia: “formed in early 1938, containing elements both from the RWL and from Albert Weisbords Communist League of Struggle, as well as some Trotskyists from the YPSL. Its central criticism of the RWL was of its analysis of the Spanish Civil War, which it believed was an imperialist war.[2] It principle leader was K. Mienev.[3]“]
* Hal Draper: The truth about Gerald Smith : America’s no. 1 fascist (1945)
* Irwing Howe: Smash the profiteers (1946)
* Socialist Youth League (SYL): Constitution of the Socialist Youth League (1953, Satzung einer der ISL um Max Shachtman nahestehenden Jugendorganisation)

Espace contre ciment:

* William Morris: Why I am a Communist (1894)
* William Morris: Kunde von Nirgendwo (1889, Auszug)

* Rudolf Rocker: Pariser Straßensänger (?)
* Rudolf Rocker: Die Hinrichtung Auguste Vaillants (?)
* Rudolf Rocker: Das Ende Gustav Landauers (1951)
* Gustav Landauer: Selbstmord der Jugend (1911, gekürzt)
* Erich Mühsam: Gustav Landauer (1920)

* Albert Libertad: Le culte de la charogne (1907)
* Roger Langlais: Albert Libertad. Le culte de la charogne (1976)

* Amadeo Bordiga: Homicide des morts (1951)
* Amadeo Bordiga: Crue et rupture de la civilisation bourgeoise (1951)

The Militant:

* Larry Seigle: Why gov’t framed up SWP, union fighters in 1941 (1987)
* James P. Cannon: Lessons on building a revolutionary workers party (1943, Auszug aus The Struggle for a Proletarian Party)
* Abram Leon: The historic roots of Jew-hatred: A Marxist view (1943, Auszug aus The Jewish Question: A Marxist Interpretation)

The Anarchist Library:

* Francisco Ferrer: The Origin and Ideals of the Modern School (1913)
* Guy Aldred: Socialism and Parliament (1923)
* The Rattle Of The Thompson Gun (1936)

* Fredy Perlman: Birth of a Revolutionary Movement in Yugoslavia (1969)
* Gregoire Roger/Fredy Perlman: Worker-Student Action Committees. France May ‘68 (1969)
* RB: Ozimandias – Review: Against His-story! Against Leviathan! by Fredy Perlman (1991)
* Aufheben: Civilization and its latest discontents: A review of Against His-story! Against Leviathan! (1995)
[Note: Perlman was an important left communist and theorist of workers control who turned to bizarre anarcho-primitivism in his later life. The early, lesser known texts are historically important.]

* Midnight Notes: Strange Victories (1985)
* Anti-Fascist Action (AFA): Another Spain (?)
* Anarchist Federation (AF): Beyond Resistance: A Revolutionary Manifesto for the Millenium (2000)

Workers’ Liberty:

* Max Shachtman: What Kind Of Revolutionary Party Do Socialists Need? Part 1 (?)
* Max Shachtman: What Kind Of Revolutionary Party Do Socialists Need? Part 2 (?)

* Sean Matgamna: The left and local government in the 1980’s (1980)
* Alan Johnson: The Place of Marxism in History (1995)
* Workers’ Liberty: As we were saying: British Trotskyists and the beginnings of the welfare state in the 1940’s (1995)
* Sean Matgamna: The Road To Left Unity (1999)
* Workers’ Liberty: Can The Left Unite? (1998)
* Sean Matgamna: Unite the Left? The Left and Left Unity in the Perspective of History (1998)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Notes d’interventions de Marx (septembre 1871)
* Friedrich Engels: Le malthusianisme : une déclaration de guerre ouverte au prolétariat (1845, Auszug aus La situation de la classe laborieuse en Angleterre)

* Daniel De Leon: La grève générale (1907)
* Jules Guesde: Questions d’hier et d’aujourd’hui (1911)

* Rosa Luxemburg: Discours au Congrès du Stuttgart (1898)
* Rosa Luxemburg: Que Guesde nous aide donc ! (1901)
* Rosa Luxemburg: Lettre à Henriette Roland-Holst (1905)
* Rosa Luxemburg: Lettre à la rédaction du Social-démocrate de Copenhague (1913)
* Rosa Luxemburg: Lettre à Jules Guesde sur les chemins de fer allemands (1913)

* Socialist Party of Great Britain: Russia since 1917 (1948)
* Une lettre de G. Miasnikov (1929)
* Arnold Petersen: Proletarian Democracy vs Dictatorships and Despotism (1931)
* A l’aide des communards autrichiens ! (1934)
* Marceau Pivert: Tendre la main aux catholiques? (1937, Vorwort)
* Amigos de Durruti: Una teoría revolucionaria (1937, pdf-Datei)
* Joan Peiró Belis: El misterioso proceso del POUM (1938, pdf-Datei)
* Masses: Nouvelle étape (1939)
* Aimé Patri: Humanisme et inhumanisme chez Marx (1939)

* Paul Mattick: On Pannekoek’s article The Party and the Working Class (1941)
* Amadeo Bordiga: Le marxisme face à l’Église et à l’État (1949)
* Paul Mattick: Marx et Keynes (1955)

* Chazé: Deux brochures de Pouvoir ouvrier (1967, pdf-Datei)
* Chazé: La bureaucratie céleste de Balazs (1971, pdf-Datei)

* Socialist Standard: Maximilien Rubel, marxiste anti-bolchevik (1996)

* Nbang-Ba Suhuyini: Sharia in Nigeria: a class analysis (2002, pdf-Datei)
* Nbang-Ba Suhuyini: Globalization & Debt in Ghana (2003, pdf-Datei)
* Xasraw Saya: Sur l’islamisme et la lutte armée en Irak (2004)
* Maryam Namazie: L’« islamophobie » n’a rien à voir avec le racisme ! (2004)


* William Morris: The policy of abstention (1887)
* William Morris: How shall we live then? (1889)

* Geoff Brown: The Glasgow dockers’ go-slow (?)
* Osvaldo Bayer: The Influence of Italian Immigration on the Argentine Anarchist Movement (1983)
* Mike Davis: The Stopwatch and the Wooden Shoe: Scientific Management and the Industrial Workers of the World (1975)

* Artikel aus Subversion:
** Spain 1936, the end of anarchist syndicalism? (1996)
** IRA: anti-working class bastards! (1993)
** Book review: Hatta Shuzo and Pure Anarchism in Interwar Japan (1995)

* Guy Aldred: Socialism and Parliament (1923)
* Errico Malatesta: Democracy and Anarchy (1924)

* Grandizo Munis: Unions against revolution (?)

* A.R. Giles-Peters: Karl Korsch: a Marxist friend of anarchism (1973)
* Communist Workers International: Extracts from the Leading Principles of the KAI (1922)
* Paul Mattick: La hez de la humanidad (1935)
* Paul Mattick: The inevitability of communism (1936)
* Anton Pannekoek: Society and mind in Marxian philosophy (1937)
* Karl Korsch: Lenin’s Philosophy (1938)
* Otto Rühle: Which Side To Take? (1940)
* Anton Pannekoek: Materialism and historical materialism (1942)
* Karl Korsch: The Fight For Britain, The Fight For Democracy, And The War Aims Of The Working Class (1941)

* Enric Mompó: Spontaneity in the Spanish Revolution (2001)
* Daniel Guerin: مارکسیزم و ئه‌نارکیز

* Solidarity: Ceylon: the JVP uprising of April 1971 (1971)
* Gilles Dauvé: Capital and state (1972)
* Federación Anarquista Uruguaya (FAU): Huerta Grande (1972)
* Paul Mattick: Pasado, presente y futuro del Marxismo (1978)

* Marco Revelli: 1980: Defeat at Fiat (1982)
* John Holloway: The Red Rose of Nissan (1987)
* Al-Djouhall: The Misery of Islam (1989)
* Kamunist Kranti: A ballad against work (1997)
* Loren Goldner: International liquidity crisis and class struggle: first approximation (1998)
* Porto Marghera – the last firebrands (?)
* Kolinko: Seattle, Prague, Watford – what does the anti-globalisation movement do when it gets home? (2001/2002)

* Kolinko: hotlines – call centre | inquiry | communism (2002)

Collectif Smolny:

* Southern Advocate for Workers’ Councils (1948)

* BILAN: Rapport sur la situation en Italie (suite et fin) (1935)

International Bolshevik Tendency (IBT):

* International Bolshevik Tendency (IBT): Kronstadt & Counterrevolution (2002, pdf-Datei, 6,4 mb) [Typical ortho-Trot defence of the Kronstadt slaughter, reprinted from 1988, notable for its collection of the key documents. This includes an ortho-Trot critique of Paul Avrich’s work, a 1934 piece by Shachtman,  and the important 1938 text by Victor Serge (written with Dwight MacDonald.)


* Rudolf Rocker: Anarcho-Syndikalismus (1937)

Luxemburger Anarchist:

* Armand Robin: Le Staline (1945)

* Simone Weil: Réflexions à propos de la théorie de quanta (1942, Auszug)

* Paul Mattick: Mattick über die Logik des keynesianischen “Staatsinterventionismus” (1971, Auszug aus Marx und Keynes. Die Grenzen des “gemischten Wirtschaftssystems”)

ASK/VAB Hamburg-Altona:

* Revolution in Hamburg: Der Arbeiter- und Soldatenrat von Groß-Hamburg 1918/19

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